Twas Early In The Morning

‘Twas early in the morning, at the breaking of the day,
That Mary came with spices to the place where Jesus lay;
She met her friends in sorrow as the journeyed from her home,
And they said to one another, Who shall roll away the stone?

Bright angels, bright angels,
At the breaking of the day;
Bright angels, bright angels,
They rolled the stone away.

They saw two shining angels, clad in garments pure and white;
They saw the linen grave clothes, and they trembled at the sight;
But Christ their Lord and Master was not found within the tomb,
For He conquer’d death when angels came and rolled away the stone. [Chorus]

But Mary wept in anguish, for her heart was torn with grief;
She said, “Where have you laid Him”? then the angels brought relief:
He is not here, but risen, as He said to you before;
Go to Galilee and see Him; He’s alive forevermore.” [Chorus]

He burst death’s bars asunder, and He triumphed o’er the grave;
He holds the keys of hades, the almighty One to save;
“Behold my hands,” said Jesus, “I’m your living Lord and King;
From the grave I will redeem you; all my jewels I will bring.” [Chorus]