Twas God That Made The Ocean

‘Twas God that made the ocean,
And laid its sandy bed;
He gave the stars their motion,
And built the mountain’s head;
He made the rolling thunder,
The lightning’s forked flame;
His works are full of wonder,
All glorious is His Name.

And must it not surprise us
That One, so high and great,
Should see and not despise us,
Poor sinners, at His feet?
Yet day by day He gives us
Our raiment and our food;
In sickness He relieves us,
And is in all things good.

But things that are far greater
His mighty hand hath done;
And sent us blessings sweeter
Through Christ His only Son;
Who, when He saw us dying
In sin and sorrow’s night,
On wings of mercy flying,
Came down with life and light.

He gives His Word to teach us
Our danger and our wants;
And kindly doth beseech us
To take the life He grants.
His Holy Spirit frees us
From Satan’s deadly power;
Leads us by faith to Jesus,
And makes His glory ours!