Twas In The Starless Night Of Sorrow

‘Twas in the starless night of sorrow that He found me,
When the specter of my grief was holding sway;
O ’twas then He threw His loving power around me,
And chased the shades of sorrow all away.

Jesus found me, hallelujah! Jesus found me!
I shall never, never cease His praise to sing,
And when time shall end and Heaven opens round me,
I’ll kiss His feet, and endless homage bring.

‘Twas on the sea of sinful pleasure that He found me,
And the sky was black, the storm was boding ill;
When He spoke in wondrous voice, the waves commanding,
“Oh heed, ye angry passion, peace, be still.” [Refrain]

‘Twas when the lamp of faith was burning low He found me,
And no honey drops were on the chalice rim,
That He said, “My child, whenever did I fail thee?
My Spirit take, let victory here begin.” [Refrain]

‘Twas in the hour of holy triumph that He found me,
On the mountain top of vision with my Lord,
And I walked with scenes of glory all around us,
And shouted, “Hallelujah!” unto God. [Refrain]