Twas Jesus My Savior

T’was Jesus my Saviour who called after me,
From sin and pollution his love set me free;
From evil companions he told me to flee,
That ever for him my affections might be.

I’ll live for the Saviour who suffered for me,
And purchased my pardon on Calvary’s tree;
I’ll live for the Master whose death set me free,
I will! I will!

When walking in darkness, as black as the night,
With no one to guide me nor one ray of light,
Then God’s mighty searchlight, so clear and so bright,
Burst in on my pathway and led me aright. [Chorus]

The darkness is past, and I walk in the light,
And all the time purpose to do what is right,
And I with the bloodwashed, in robes pure and white,
Am promised a home where ’twill never be night. [Chorus]

Behind me I’ve left all the pleasures of men,
They’re nothing compared with the joys I have gained:
I’ll join with God’s people in holy refrain,
As praises we sing to the “Lamb that was slain.” [Chorus]