Twas Night And All Around Was Still

‘Twas night and all around was still;
I lay upon my bed;
I dreamed death’s portals I had past
And was among the dead;
I heard the trump of God resound
The dead in Christ to raise;
I saw the saints prepared to shout
Our blest Redeemer’s praise.

O that beautiful, beautiful dream!
O that beautiful, beautiful dream!
Dear Lord, shall it be, all my loved ones I’ll see
As they were in that beautiful dream?

The sweetest voice fell on mine ear,
It thrilled mine inmost soul:
“Arise, my love, and come away
Unto thy promised goal.”
I looked, I saw, I cannot tell,
There’s nothing will compare;
I saw my Saviour glorified,
And loved ones gathered there. [Refrain]

I dreamed I saw the jasper walls
And streets of purest gold,
And all the saints of God were there
Those beauties to behold.
I heard the welcome plaudit giv’n,
“Come, all ye blessed, come;
Rejoice, rejoice for evermore,
In this thy heavenly home.” [Refrain]