Twas Night In The Olive Garden

‘Twas night in the Olive garden,
In lonely Gethsemane,
And Jesus, my Lord, there kneeling,
Was suffering death for me;
His sleeping disciples heard not
His sad, pleading voice in prayer,
Nor saw they the traitor coming,
Who boldly betrayed Him there!

He loved me so tenderly;
He died on Mount Calvary!
My soul doth love and adore Him
When I think of His love for me!

On Calvary’s cruel Cross-Tree,
My Savior they crucified;
His heart bleeding, bowed in sorrow;
His foes were now satisfied!
The Veil was rent in the Temple,
The earth was enwrapped in night,
While Jesus, my loving Savior,
Was dying for Sin’s dark blight. [Refrain]

In Joseph’s new tomb they laid Him
At evening of that dread day,
And sadness then reigned till angels
Had rolled the great stone away!
‘Twas then that my risen Savior
So tenderly spoke to me,
And gave me His precious promise,
“With thee I will ever be.” [Refrain]

O Soul, lost in sin, remember,
That He who was slain for me,
Is calling thee now to follow,
Wherever He calleth thee;
He bids thee in loving service
Your all in His name to give;
If faithful, some day He’ll take thee
Forever with Him to live! [Refrain]