Twas Not To Condemn Us The Dear Savior C

‘Twas not to condemn us the dear Savior came,
But seeking to save us, all praise to His name;
Enduring the cross and despising the shame,
O wonderful story of love.

O wonderful story of love,
The sweetest that ever was told;
I’ll sing it in glory,
That wonderful story,
The story that never grows old.

Rejected, forsaken, betrayed by His own,
The winepress of sorrow He trod all alone
That He with His life-blood for sin might atone,
O wonderful story of love. [Chorus]

He died, He arose, and He liveth again,
And now intercedes for the children of men;
A King everlasting, with Him we shall reign,
O wonderful story of love. [Chorus]