Twas When I Was Comfortless Lonely And S

‘Twas when I was comfortless, lonely, and sad,
My soul fill’d with yearning for rest,
That Jesus took up his abode in my heart,
A joy-giving, comforting guest.

O, yes! He abides in my heart,
And nevermore will he depart;
My life is all brightness and peace,
For Jesus abides in my heart.

If only I’d known what a blessing would come,
By serving this guest so divine,
Years since I’d have open’d the door of my heart,
And said, “Lord, come in! I am thine.” [Refrain]

No songs of bright hope and of peace could I sing,
When I was a stranger to him;
But now my whole life is one glad sweet refrain,
For Jesus has cleans’d me from sin. [Refrain]

How sweet the assurance he’ll e’er be my guest!
He’ll never, no, never leave me,
And ever above, I shall dwell in his love,
And glories of heaven shall see. [Refrain]