Twill Be Glory For Me When The King I Sh

‘Twill be glory for me when the King I shall see,
When in safety I’ve crossed death’s dark river;
When redeemed by His grace I shall gaze on His face
To go out from His presence, no never.

‘Twill be glory by and by,
‘Twill be glory for me, yes, glory for you;
If to Christ we are true life’s whole journey thro’,
‘Twill be glory by and by.

‘Twill be glory at last when my labors are past,
With life’s silver cord loosened and broken,
If thro’ grace I may stand with my hand in His hand,
And His “well done” to me shall be spoken. [Chorus]

‘Twill be glory untold when the gates shall unfold
And I dwell safe at home with my Savior;
Hallelujah! we’ll sing, as we crown Him our King,
Hallelujah, forever and ever! [Chorus]