Twill Not Be Long Our Journey Here

‘Twill not be long, our journey here;
Each broken sigh and falling tear
Will soon be gone, and all will be
A cloudless sky, a waveless sea.

Roll on, dark stream,
We dread not thy foam;
The pilgrim is longing for home, sweet home.

‘Twill not be long; the yearning heart
May feel its every hope depart,
And grief be mingled with its song;
We’ll meet again; ’twill not be long. [Refrain]

Though sad we mark the closing eye,
Of those we loved in days gone by,
Yet sweet in death their latest song-
We’ll meet again; ’twill not be long. [Refrain]

These checkered wilds, with thorns o’erspread,
Through which our way so oft is led-
This march of time, with truth so strong,
Will end in bliss; ’twill not be long. [Refrain]