Unbar The Door Of Your Heart Tonight

Unbar the door of your heart tonight,
Christ will enter in; Christ will enter in.
He only waits, sinner, your desire,
He will enter in, He will enter in.

Unbar the door, unbar the door,
Bid the blessed Savior now come in;
He is ling’ring there,
He is ling’ring there,
Longs to cleanse your heart from ev’ry sin.

Why longer wait? O decide tonight;
All is ready now, all is ready now,
The Spirit pleads, listen to His call,
He is ready now, He is ready now. [Refrain]

O restless soul, wilt thou longer doubt?
Quickly now believe, quickly now believe,
Follow the leadings the Spirit gives,
Only now believe, only now believe. [Refrain]