Unchangeable All Perfect Lord

Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord!
Essential life’s unbounded sea!
What lives and moves, lives by Thy word;
It lives and moves and is, from Thee!
Whate’er in earth, or sea, or sky,
Or shuns, or meets, the wandering thought,
Escapes, or strikes, the searching eye,
By Thee was to existence brought.

High is Thy power above all height,
Whate’er Thy will decrees is done;
Thy wisdom, holiness and might
Can by no finite mind be known.
What our dim eyes could never see,
Is plain and naked in Thy sight;
What thickest darkness veils, to Thee
Shines clearly as the morning light;

Thine, Lord, is holiness, alone:
Justice and Truth before Thee stand:
Yet, nearer to Thy sacred throne,
Love ever dwells at Thy right hand.
And to Thy love and ceaseless care,
Father! this light, this breath, we owe;
And all we have, and all we are
From Thee, great Source of Life! doth flow.