Unchanging God Hear From Eternal Heaven

Unchanging God, hear from eternal heaven:
We plead Thy gifts of grace, forever given,
Thy call, without repentance, calling still,
The sure election of Thy sov’reign will.

Out of our faith in Thee, who canst not lie,
Out of our heart’s desire, goes up the cry,
From hope’s sweet vision of the thing to be,
From love to those who still are loved by Thee.

Bring Thy beloved back, Thine Israel,
Thine own elect who from Thy favor fell,
But not from Thine election! O forgive,
Speak but the word, and, lo! the dead shall live.

Father of mercies! these the long astray,
These in soul-blindness now the faraway,
These are not aliens, but Thy sons of yore,
O, by Thy Father-hood, restore, restore!

Breathe on Thy Church, that it may greet the day;
Stir up her will to toil, and teach, and pray,
Till Zion-ward again salvation come,
And all her out-cast children are at home.

Triune Jehovah, Thine the grace and power,
Thine all the work, its past, its future hour;
O Thou, who failest not, Thy gifts fulfill,
And crown the calling of Thy changeless will.