Unclean Unclean And Full Of Sin

Unclean! unclean! and full of sin,
From first to last, alas, I’ve been!
Deceitful is my heart:
Guilt presses down my burdened soul,
But Jesus can the waves control,
And bid my fears depart.

When first I heard his word of grace,
Ungratefully I hid my face,
Ungratefully delayed:
At length his voice more powerful came,
“‘Tis I” he cried “I’m still the same,
Thou need’s not be afraid.”

My heart was changed–in that same hour
My soul confessed his mighty power,
I shed a grateful tear;
Then listened still to hear his voice,
Again he said, “In me rejoice,
‘Tis I, thou need’s not fear.”

“Unworthy of thy love,” I cried,
“Freely I love,” he soon replied,
“On me thy faith be stayed;
I’m Jesus still, the sinner’s friend.
Thou need’st not be afraid.”

The Hartford Selection of Hymns from the most approved authors,