Under His Star There Is Hope For Our Gui

Under His star there is hope for our guiding,
Though through the desert our way may be led;
Faith will be strong, assurance abiding;
God giveth manna, our souls shall be fed.

Under His star,
Pilgrims we are,
Led by a beacon God given;
God’s word today
Shines bright on our way,
Lighting the pathway to heaven.

Under His star there is love so unfolding,
Love that with joy its best treasures will bring;
Love is not love that aught is withholding;
Giving is sweet in the smile of the King. [Refrain]

Under His star, till the last footsteps taking
Up to the land where the Lord is the light;
Pilgrims of hope in His likeness awaking,
Earth toils forgot in those mansions so bright. [Refrain]