Under The Burdens Of Guilt And Care Many

Under the burdens of guilt and care
Many a spirit is grieving,
Who in the joy of the Lord might share,
Life everlasting receiving.

Life! life! eternal life!
Jesus alone is the Giver;
Life! life! abundant life!
Glory to Jesus forever!

Burden’d one, why will you longer bear
Sorrows from which He releases?
Open your heart, and rejoicing share
Life more abundant in Jesus. [Refrain]

Leaving the mountain, the streamlet grows,
Flooding the vale with a river;
So from the hill of the Cross there flows
Life more abundant for ever. [Refrain]

O for the floods on the thirsty land!
O for a mighty revival!
O for a sanctified, fearless band!
Ready to hail its arrival. [Refrain]