Under The Guidance Of Angels

Under the guidance of angels,
I am progressing today;
All of the past with its failures,
Were stepping stones in my way.

Under the guidance of angels,
Victory is sure to come!
Turning t’ward light like the sunflow’r,
Ev’ning will find me at home.

Farewell to creeds of the ages
Those musty dogmas I dread;
Hail to the truth on the soul plane,
Let us arise from the dead. [Refrain]

Now with this new risen life,
Fill’d and refill’d from above;
All of my innermost being,
Tingles with hope and with love. [Refrain]

Death and the grave seem but gateways,
Leading to home ties long gone;
When earth’s last struggle is over,
Angels will carry me home. [Refrain]