Under The Shadow Of Thy Wing Dear

“Under the shadow of thy wing”
Dear Saviour, let me hide,
From sin’s fierce storm and sorrow’s sting
There safely I’ll abide,
Let not earth’s fleeting dreams of joy,
Or pleasure’s Syren song,
My soul from virtue’s path decoy,
To selfishness and wrong.

He that dwelleth in the secret place,
In the secret place of the most high,
Shall abide under the shadow,
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

“Under the shadow of thy wing”
My spirit shall rejoice,
From thence my help and strength I bring
And there I hear thy voice;
Oh! may I hear the voice divine!
Whisper, “Come unto me”
Thou weary, heavy-laden one,
“My peace I’ll give to thee.” [Refrain]

Oh! give “thine angels charge o’er me”
“In all thy ways to keep”
My heart-that often strays from thee
Thro’ danger dark and deep-
Wanders, alas! till wearily
I weeping turn aside,
Unto thine arms of mercy flee
And in thy shadow hide. [Refrain]

“Under the shadow of thy wing”
I shall not be afraid,
Of plague-or evil-there I’ll sing-
“The Lord! my strength is made,”
He is my Rock and Hiding-place,
My God! My King! My Friend!
In Him, I’ll trust-he’ll give me grace,
And keep me to the end. [Refrain]