Under The Snow Under The Snow

Under the snow, under the snow,
Snugly the flow’rs have been sleeping;
Dear little flow’rs, they could not know
Jesus a kind watch was keeping.
Under the snow they softly lay,
Waiting to greet the first spring day;
Soon as the winter passed away
Brightly the flow’rs cam peeping.
Sleep, sleep sleep, sleep,
‘Neath a blanket of drifted snow;
Sleep, sleep sleep, sleep,
Not a sorrow you know.

Up in the tree, up in the tree,
Gaily the birdies are swinging;
Happy and free, songs full of glee,
cheerily, cheerily ringing;
Building their nests on boughs so high,
Teaching the baby birds to fly;
God watching o’er them from on high,
List to their merry singing.
Sing, sing, sing, sing,
Swing your cradle up in the tree;
Sing, sing, sing, sing,
Carol happy and free.

Blossom and bird, blossom and bird,
Giving their best this fair weather;
With them we come in sweet accord,
Singing our carols together;
Brighter are we than blooming flow’rs,
Gayer that birds in leafy bow’rs;
Pleading to Christ our early hours,
His we would be forever.
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet,
Bird and blossom and busy bee;
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet,
God will watch over thee.