Under The Standard Of Christ The King

Under the standard of Christ the King,
Marching we go, and our voices ring;
Praise to our Captain, the Lord of might,
“Friend of the children, Eternal Light!”

Under the standard, with hearts true and brave,
March where the flag of the Lord doth wave!
Join in the music that ne’er shall cease,
March in the army of love and peace.

Under the standard of heav’nly grace,
Now in the field let us take our place;
And in the Name that the angels praise,
Fight the good fight thro’ the coming days. [Chorus]

Under the standard that ne’er shall yield
Unto the evil, or quit the field,
Knowing no truce with the dark and wrong,
Gather we all with thanksgiving song. [Chorus]

Under the standard that shows the way,
Home to the city of brightest day,
Marching we go, and we lift the strain,
“Ever and ever shall Jesus reign.” [Chorus]