United In Affection Dear

United in affection dear,
With hearts on Jesus set;
We fell our God will meet us here,
Who in his name are met:
Our minds from worldly cares set free,
And fixed on joys above;
Each hope, each wish, each prayer shall be
To share our Saviour’s love.

But we’ll sing glory, glory, glory,
And glory be to God on high.

O could we, Lord, make others know
The pleasure which we feel;
What comforts from thy goodness show,
A sinner’s wounds to heal:
Soon would the heedless vain and gay,
That goodness strive to prove;
Forsake their sins and seek the way
To share their Saviour’s love. [Refrain]

If to reform their wicked ways
All gentle means should fail,
The terrors which thy power displays,
Against them may prevail:
Proud sinners, humbled by thy wrath,
Shall trembling kiss the rod:
O sweep the nations, shake the earth,
‘Till all proclaim thee God. [Refrain]

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,