Until He Come For Sure The Master Cometh

Until He come,-for sure the Master cometh,-
Until He come my heart shall watch and yearn
With eager love for Him my soul so loveth,
My Lord and King, who said, “I will return.”

Until He come! For surely comes the dawning
Of brightest day this world has ever known,
When light of heaven’s own eternal morning
Illumines earth with glory from the throne.

Until He come! Then flee all fear and sadness,
Lost, ever lost in depths of love divine!
Then ne’er a tear but born of heart’s deep gladness
That I am His, that He the King is mine!

Until He come! Then rapture overflowing
When from the skies He comes His own to claim!
O day of days, the Saviour’s splendors showing,
The glory of His all-excelling name!