Unto Jehovah Thanks To Give

To Thee, JEHOVAH, thanks to give,
It is a comely thing;
And to thy name, O Thou most High,
loud hymns of praise to sing.
Thy loving-kindness forth to show
in early morning light,
And to declare thy faithfulness
with pleasure ev’ry night.

Upon the ten string’d instrment,
and pleasant psaltery;
Upon the harp with solemn sound,
and high rais’d melody.
For Thou JEHOVAH thro’ thy work
Hast made me to rejoice;
And in thy handy work will I
triumph with joyful voice.

How wondrous are thy works, O LORD!
how deep are thy decrees!
The stupid understand not this,
nor foolish sinner sees;
When sinners spring as grass, and those
who work iniquity
Do flourish; ’tis that they may be
destroy’d eternally.

But Thou, O LORD, as sov’reign Judge,
for ever shalt remain;
And Thou, most high, ev’n over all
For evermore shalt reign.
For lo thy many foes, O LORD,
thy foes shall quite decay;
And all who work iniquity
shall be dispers’d away.

My horn of pow’r, as unicorns,
Thou wilt exalt on high;
And with fresh oil, from time to time,
anointed be shall I.
The downfall of my spiteful foes,
mine eyes shall see: mine ear
Of ill men who against me rise,
the fall shall also hear.

[ Part]
But like the palm tree flourishing,
shall be the righteous one;
He shall be like the cedar tree
that grows on Lebanon.
They that within JEHOVAH’s house
happily planted are,
Within the court-yards of our God
shall greatly flourish there.

Their fruit they shall when they are grey,
continue forth to bring;
They shall in fatness grow, and they
shall still be flourishing.
To show JEHOVAH upright is;
He is a rock to me;
And that He from unrighteousness
is altogether free.