Unto Jehovah With My Voice

Unto Jehovah with my voice,
I out aloud did cry:
Unto Jehovah with my voice,
My suit for grace made I.
Before his face I did pour out
My meditation.
Before his face I did declare
The trouble me upon.
When in me was my soul o’erwhelm’d,
Then thou didst know my way.
I’th’ way I walk’d a snare for me
They privily did lay.
On my right hand I look’d and saw,
But no man would me know:
All refuge fail’d me, for my soul
None any care did show.

Unto the Lord I cry’d, and said,
My hope thou art alone:
And in the land of living ones
Thou art my portion.
Because I am brought very low,
Attend unto my cry.
From my pursuers save thou me,
Who stronger are than I.

From out of prison bring my soul,
That I thy name may praise,
The just shall compass me, for thou
Shall shew me bounteous grace.