Unto My Words O Lord Give Ear

Unto my words, O Lord, give ear;
My secret meditation weigh;
My mournful cry, in mercy, hear;
My King, my God, to thee I’ll pray.
Soon as the opening morn’s begun,
My humble voice, thou, Lord, shalt hear;
To thee, I’ll, with the rising sun,
Lift up mine eyes, and make my prayer.

Thou, Lord, in sin hast no delight;
Neither shall evil dwell with thee;
Nor wicked fools stand in thy sight;
Thou hat’st who work iniquity.
Thou surely wilt them all destroy,
That raise, and spread, pernicious lies;
The Lord abhors such as employ
Themselves in blood, and guile devise.

But I, through thine abundant grace,
Again shall to thy house repair;
And now, towards thy holy place,
I look, and worship, in thy fear.
Lord, lead me in thy righteousness,
My spiteful foes observant grow;
Make plain, and right, before my face,
The way in which I ought to go.

For in their mouth, no faith they have,
Their inward part’s perversely wrong;
Their throat is like an open grave;
They basely flatter with their tongue.
Their secret guilt, O Lord, detect,
By their own counsels let them fall;
Them, for their many crimes reject
For they are hardened rebels all.

Let those rejoice that trust in thee,
And loud, with shouts, their joy proclaim;
For thou wilt their protection be;
Let them rejoice that love thy name.
For thou, O Lord, to righteous men,
Wilt make thy blessing to extend;
As with a shield, thy favor, them
Shall, round on every side defend.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,