Unto Our Happy Heavenly Home

Unto our happy heav’nly home,
We lift our tho’ts with gladness;
Our ev’ry want will be supplied,
In that bright home on high,
Though earthly ways be dark and drear,
And all is care and sadness;
We know the Saviour still is near,
Who for our sings has died.

We’ll sing His wonderful love,
We’ll sing His wonderful love;
He triumph’d over sin and the grave,
And reigneth forevermore.

With joy we sing His wondrous love,
For us His life was given;
We love to tell the story old,
Of Christ who died to save.
We praise His goodness o’er and o’er,
Which gives us hope of heaven;
We love the Victor more and more,
Who triumph’d o’er the grave. [Refrain]

Up raised be ev’ry heart and voice,
With glad hosannas ringing;
And let the nations all rejoice,
And tell His matchless love.
Let all before Him bow the knee,
Their tributes to Him bringing;
And let His name exalted be,
In earth and heav’n above. [Refrain]