Unto The Half Of My Kingdom

“Unto the half of My Kingdom,”
Such a King’s promise of old;
Greater the promise of Jesus,
Greater than ever was told.
Ask, ask of the Father,
Ask what ye will in My Name;
Ask in faith’s simple assurance,
“Whate’er ye will,” ye may claim.

“Unto the half of a Kingdom!”
Dare we believe this is true?
Jesus gives promise beyond it,
“All that ye ask, I will do.”
Ask, ask of the Father,
Ask in My Name, and believe-
If in your heart ye shall doubt not,
Ye shall then surely receive.

“Unto the half of a Kingdom?”
“Heirs of the world” ye are made;
“All things are yours” in Christ Jesus,
Pray with a faith unafraid.
Ask, ask of the Father,
Ask for the far heathen lands;
Unto the Son they are promised,
Faith makes the greatest demands.

“Unto the half of a Kingdom?”
Nay, that were surely too small;
Christ’s mighty name has no limit,
In Him you come and have all.
All, all you are needing,
All that you ask you may claim;
Unending, glorious blessings,
Ask and receive in His name.

No longer “half of the Kingdom;”
Pray in that Name for the world,
All that by death Christ has purchased;
Wide let His flag be unfurled.
Pray, “pray in” that Kingdom,
Kingdom of love and of peace;
Pray that it soon be established,
Never to wane nor to cease.

No longer “half of a Kingdom,”
Worldwide shall soon be His sway,
Name above all names exalted,
Praise we and laud in that day.
Pray, pray for His advent,
Hasten that advent by prayer;
Hearts that are burning and loving,
Great things expect, great things dare.