Unto The Lord A Leper Came Desiring To B

Unto the Lord a leper came,
Desiring to be healed,
And on his knees before Him fell;
For cleansing there appealed.

He can heal thee, He will heal thee,
If you wilt believe;
Trust Him fully, trust Him fully;
Cleansing now receive.

The tender heart of Jesus ne’er
Refused so strong appeal,
And there the leper was made whole,
Where humbly he did kneel. [Refrain]

The touch divine his cleansing wrought;
Physicians all had failed;
But Jesus, the Physician Great,
For him has now availed. [Refrain]

Come to the Lord for healing now,
None other can avail;
Call on Him here for cleansing power;
Your prayer will sure prevail. [Refrain]