Unto The Lord A New Song Sing

Unto the Lord a new song sing,
For wonders he hath done:
His right hand and his holy arm
Him victory hath won.
Jehovah his salvation
Hath made for to be known.
His righteousness in heathen’s sight
He openly hath shown.

His mercy and his truth he doth
For Israel’s house think on:
The ends of all the earth have seen
Our God’s salvation.
Unto Jehovah all the earth
Make ye a joyful noise:
With raised voices shout aloud,
Sing praises and rejoyce.

With harp sing to the Lord, with harp
With voice of psalms also:
Before the Lord and king rejoyce
With horn and trumpets blow.
The sea let with her fulness roar,
The world, and those therein;
O let the floods clap hands, let hills
With joy together sing.

Before the Lord, because to judge
The earth comes forth doth he:
With justice he shali judge the world,
And folk with equity.