Unto The Lord My Gracious God

Unto the Lord, my gracious God,
I offer humble praise;
Whose mercies are to me renew’d’
Which I enjoy always.

How great his love to me has been,
Beyond the reach of mind;
Though I have spent this day in sin,
His mercies still I find.

This day is gone, and spent and past,
And will return no more:
Thus to eternity I haste,
With ev’ry fleeting hour.

With ev’ry closing of the day,
And setting of the sun.
My precious moments fly away,
And choicest minutes run.

Could I but know how vile I am,
And feel my wretched state:
My soul would fill with fear and shame,
With sorrow and regret.

O wretched in my state indeed,
I must confess and own;
And what can I poor sinner plead?
In all that I have done.

For Jesus’ sake my sins forgive!
Cause me in peace to sleep;
In thy protection me receive,
And safely there to keep.