Unto The Lord Of All Creation

Unto the Lord of all creation
Thy voice, my soul, in anthems raise.
Let ev’ry heart a fit oblation
Bring unto Him with songs of praise.
O contemplate in humbleness
The pow’r and riches of his grace.

In Him we live and have our being;
And all the hosts of heav’n and earth
The living God, all-wise, all-seeing,
Thro’ His own Spirit brought to birth.
His holy Name, writ in His Word,
Thro’ all the universe is heard.

The Lord who laid the earth’s foundation,
And for the stars their course decreed,
Whose hand hath ordered all creation,
Provideth for our every need;
For God is Love: the Father’s care
His smallest child shall duly share.

From out the gloom mine eye descrieth
The Maker’s footprints in the sky;
the starry chorus testifieth
To His eternal majesty;
While on my path each tiny flower
Proclaims His glory and His power.

Into Thy hand, O God Almighty,
My weal and woe I will entrust;
My need Thou seest who takest pity
On every worm that crawls the dust.
In pleasure’s path or sorrow’s way
Be Thou my Guide, O Lord, I pray.

And when the morning star appeareth,
Thy grace, Thy glory we proclaim;
When falls the dew, and evening neareth,
O Lord, we call upon Thy Name.
Upon Thy mercy we rely,
Father, Creator, God on high.