Unto The Lord Our King Praises Sing

Unto the Lord our King,
Praises united sing
For blessings He is show’ring on our way;
Under His wing we’ll hide,
Safe in His love abide
When sorrow veils the beauty of the day.

Victory! Victory!
Sin has lost the pow’r of condemnation;
Victory! Victory!
Thro’ the love of Him who once was slain;
Magnify! glorify!
Laud and praise His name in adoration!
Unto Him, unto Him
Men and angels shout the glad refrain.

Safe in His strong and everlasting arms,
Sin has no terrors, death has no alarms;
Trusting in Him whose promise cannot fail,
We’re safe though the hosts of sin assail. [Refrain]

Holding our banner high,
Shouting our battle-cry
Of “Loyalty to Jesus!” as we go;
Marching at His command,
We shall possess the land,
And Satan’s kingdom surely overthrow. [Refrain]

He is a Rock, a strong and Mighty Tow’r!
Saved by His grace, kept by Almighty pow’r;
Whom shall we fear? what duty may appall?
We’ll praise Him and crown Him Lord of all. [Refrain]