Unto The Mighty God Our Strength

O to the mighty GOD our strength
sing with a shouting voice;
O to the God of Jacob sing
and make a joyful noise.
Take up a Psalm, the timbrel bring,
and with your voices join;
The pleasant harp and psaltery,
in consort sweet combine.

At the new moon, let trumpets blow,
and joyful voices raise.
To celebrate th’ appointed time,
the solemn day of praise.
For this to Israel of old
a sacred precept was,
And by the God of Jacob this
did for a statute pass.

This witness He in Joseph set,
when from th’ Egyptian shore
They went, and heard a voice and speech,
they never heard before.
I from the heavy burthens took
their shoulders clear away;
And I their servile hands set free
from lab’ring in the clay.

When thou wast in great trouble, thou
To Me for aid dist call;
With pity your distress I saw,
and set you free from all.
From thunder clouds I answer’d thee,
my secret place on high,
And at the streams of Meribah,
I throughly did thee try.

[ Part]
Hear, O my people, and my mind
I’ll testify to thee;
To thee,O Isr’el, if thou wilt,
but hearken now to Me:
Then know, that a strange God in thee,
I never will allow;
Never to any other God,
shalt thou presume to bow.

I am the LORD thy God who thee
from land of Egypt led;
Open thy mouth, and thou by Me
with plenty shalt be fed.
My people yet would not give ear,
To the kind voice I spake;
And Israel would not in me,
Their full contentment take.

So to the bents of their own hearts,
I gave them up a prey;
And in their foolish counsels then
I let them go astray.
O that my people Me had heard,
and did my voice obey;
That Isr’el had obedient been,
and walked in my way;

I should within a little time,
have pulled down their foes;
And should have turn’d my hand upon,
such as against them rose.
The haters of the LORD had then
submission paid, tho’ feign’d;
But his own people’s happy time
should ever have remain’d.

Yea with the finest of the wheat,
Have nourish’d them should He;
With honey of the Rock I should
Have satisfied thee.