Unto The Uttermost O What A Song

Unto the uttermost,-Oh, what a song!
This is my Joy as I’m pressing along;
High in the sunshine, His banner shall wave,
Able to keep me, and mighty to save.

Unto the uttermost-is it not wonderful?
Jesus is able to save;
Savior so glorious, grand and victorious!
Jesus is able to save.

Unto the uttermost; has He not died?
Precious the cleansing of Calvary’s tide;
Has He not risen, our glorified Lord?
Wondrously, freely, His Spirit outpoured. [Chorus]

Unto the uttermost-this is His way;
This is love’s measure, come take it today;
Only, believe Him, and using His grace,
Find it “sufficient” in running life’s race. [Chorus]

Unto the uttermost, reaching all bounds
Loudly the glad proclamation resounds;
No night too starless for Him to illume,
No place so dreary but He brings sweet bloom. [Chorus]