Unto Thee O Savior King

Unto thee, O Saviour-King,
Our allegiance now we bring,
Body, soul and spirit, all
In obedience to thy call.
Naught have we thou didst not give,
By thy life and grace we live,
Selfish aims do we forsake,
Service with our Lord to take.

We are with thee ‘gainst thy foe,
Fighting for his overthrow;
Though the fight be doubly fierce,
Though the venomed dart should pierce,
Satan never shall prevail,
Thou, O Christ, shalt never fail;
We who fight with thee shall win,
Conquer over Hell and sin.

We are with thee ‘neath the cross,
Henceforth earthly things are dross;
Thine, resigned to mortal ill,
Thine to die if thou shouldst will.
Thou who hast the winepress trod,
Reconciling us to God,
Help us each returning day,
Be thou with us all the way.

We are with thee, Christ of love,
Thou who camest from above,
Thou whose blood was spilt to save,
Thou whose might burst e’en the grave.
From thy throne again come down;
Take thy Kingdom, take thy crown;
Hear us as with joy we sing:
We are with thee, Saviour-King.