Up Above The Bright Blue Sky

Up above the bright blue sky,
Where the stars are peeping,
Farther still than I can see,
Heavenly watchers over me
Nightly care are keeping.

All day long and all night, too,
While I’m safely sleeping,
Busy on their task of love
They are sent from heaven above,
Faithful vigil keeping.

And whilst us, from evil things,
Angels are defending,
Little children, robed in white,
Sing before the throne of light,
Daylight never ending.

Jesus took them for His own,
Made them pure and holy,
And on earth His gentle love
Trained them for their home above,
Safe from sin and folly.

Blessed Jesus, take me, too,
Though I’m weak and lowly,
Let Thy gentle grace within
Make my garments white and clean,
And my spirit holy.