Up And Be Doing Brief Is The Day

Up and be doing!
Brief is the day;
Soon comes the nighttime
Light all away-
“Work in my vineyard!”
Hark to the call
Which the Good Master
Giveth to all.

Go work in my vineyard,
Go work in my vineyard,
And gather the harvest,
Ere darkness shall fall.

Fields now are waiting
White in the sun;
Harvests all ripen’d,
What hast thou done?
Few are the reapers,
Much to be done,
Where is they sickle,
Fast falls the sun. [Refrain]

Soon daylight dieth
Labor is o’er!
Long are the shadows
Stretching before.
Rouse careless idler!
“Nothing but leaves?”
What will thou answer
When asked for sheaves? [Refrain]