Up And Doing Little Christian

“Up and doing, little Christians,
Up and doing while ’tis day;
Do the work the Master gives you,
Do not loiter by the way;
For we all have work before us,
You, dear child, as well as I;
Let us seek to learn our duty,
And perform it manfully.

Patience, patience, little Christians,
No cross look or angry word;
Follow him who died to save you,
Follow Jesus Christ, our Lord;
Help the suff’ring and the needy,
Help the poor whom Jesus loves
Tell the sinner of the Savior,
Who still lives for us above.

Pray then, pray then, little Christians,
Never, never cease to pray;
Pray for pardon, pray for blessing,
Pray for mercy day by day;
Render thanks for all the mercies,
Which our Father sends to thee,
Most of all for the dear Savior,
Who once died on Calvary.