Up And Onward Christian Soldier

Up and onward, Christian soldier,
Hear thy lord’s divine command;
Be thou ready when he calls thee
In the foremost ranks to stand.

Unto death, O be thou faithful,
Strong in Him, thy Strength and Shield;
Go thou forth where duty calls thee,
Truth’s eternal sword to wield.

Up and onward, Christian soldier,
To the conflict and the strife;
God will test thy zeal and courage,
Ere thou enter into life. [Refrain]

Up and onward, be not weary,
Do not lay thy armor down;
Thou must fight the battle bravely,
Ere thy soul can wear a crown. [Refrain]

Up and onward, firm and fearless,
Like the vet’rans of the past;
Then, thro’ him whose grace redeems thee,
Thou shalt overcome at last. [Refrain]