Up Away Help Tell The Story

Up! away! help tell the story
Of this grace abounding glory,
Ransomed ones, with much forgiven;
Point the way to peace and heaven.

Hallelujah! grace abounding,
This the news thro’ earth resounding,
Christ bestowing-glorious Giver-
Grace is flowing-blessed river!

Up! away! the time redeeming;
Noontide light e’en now is beaming,
They who long have slept, are waking,
Nations from sin’s thralldom breaking. [Refrain]

Grace abounding, onward going,
Just for sinners overflowing;
Wooing, cleansing, ever healing,
Love of heav’n to hearts revealing. [Refrain]

All thro’ grace are robes made whiter
Than the snow; and crowns are brighter
That are God’s beloved adorning,
Than the brightest star of morning. [Refrain]

Up! away! help tell the story
Of this grace-abounding glory,
Softly speak of Calv’ry’s mountain,
Shout beside the cleansing fountain. [Refrain]