Up In Heaven Up In Heaven

Up in heaven, up in heaven,
In the bright place far away,
He whom bad men crucified
Sitteth at His Father’s side,
Till the Judgment Day.

And He loves His little children,
And He pleads for children there,
Asking the great God of heaven
That their sins may be forgiven,
And He hears their prayers.

Nevermore a helpless Baby,
Born in poverty and pain;
But with awful glory crowned,
With His Angels standing round,
He shall come again.

Then the wicked souls shall tremble,
And the good souls shall rejoice;
Parents, children, every one,
Then shall stand before His Throne,
And shall hear His voice.

And all faithful, holy Christians,
Who their Master’s work have done,
Shall appear at His right hand,
And inherit the fair land
That His love has won.