Up To The Temple One Fine Day

Up to the Temple one fine day
went one who thought he knew God’s way.
This Pharisee, so tall and proud,
with arms upraised, prayed thus aloud:

“How glad I am to be unique!
I’m strong where other men are weak.
I fast and tithe at your command,
and walk with you, God, hand in hand.”

Then standing humbly far away,
with no such righteous resume,
a tax collector bowed his head,
“Forgive me, God, I’ve sinned,” he said.

Up to the Temple one fine day
went two who thought they knew God’s way,
but Jesus said, in God’s true sight,
the right was wrong, the wrong was right.

God, should we come to you in pride,
remind us of our sinful side,
that all who worship in this place
might seek and find forgiving grace.