Up To Thy Throne O Father Above

Up to thy throne, O Father above,
We lift our glad voices in praise;
Up to the source of infinite love
Our songs of rejoicing we raise.

Thus to adore thee, Father above,
Here in thy presence we meet;
Songs to thy love, thy wonderful love,
Together we gladly repeat.

Over our pathway, gracious and clear,
The light of thy blessing has shone;
Mercies unfailing, joys ever dear,
From thy tender care we have known. [Refrain]

All has been love, whatever its guise,
That led us thy goodness to see;
Now we may know, by living made wise,
The grace that abideth in thee. [Refrain]

Up to thy throne, O Father of love,
Our hearts and our voices ascend,
Bearing our songs triumphant above,
And praises that never shall end. [Refrain]