Up Up My Heart With Gladness

Up! up! my heart with gladness,
See what to-day is done!
How after gloom and sadness
Comes forth the glorious Sun!
My Saviour there was laid
Where our bed must be made,
When to the realms of light
Our spirit wings its flight.

They in the grave did sink Him,
The foe held jubilee;
Before he can bethink him,
Lo! Christ again is free.
And victory He cries,
And waving tow’rds the skies
His banner, while the field
Is by the Hero held!

Upon the grave is standing
The Hero looking round;
The foe, no more withstanding,
His weapons on the ground
Throws down, his hellish pow’r
To Christ must he give o’er,
And to the Victor’s bands
Must yield his feet and hands.

A sight it is to gladden
And fill the heart with glee,
No more affright or sadden
Shall aught, or take from me
My trust or fortitude,
Or any precious good
The Saviour bought for me
In sov’reign love and free.

Hell and its bands can never
Hurt e’en a single hair,
Sin can I mock at ever,
Safe am I everywhere.
The mighty pow’r of death
Is my regard beneath;
It is a pow’rless form,
Howe’er it rage and storm.

The world my laughter ever
Moves, though it rage amain,
It rages, but can never
Do ill, its work is vain.
No trouble troubles me,
My heart from care is free,
Misfortune is my prize,
The night my fair sunrise.

I cleave, and cleave shall ever,
To Christ, a member true,
Shall part from my Head never,
Whate’er He passes through;
He treads the world beneath
His feet, and conquers death
And hell, and breaks sin’s thrall;
I’m with Him through it all.

To halls of heav’nly splendour
With Him I penetrate;
And trouble ne’er may hinder
Nor make me hesitate.
What will, may angry be,
My Head accepteth me,
My Saviour is my Shield,
By Him all rage is still’d.

He to the gates me leadeth
Of yon fair realms of light,
Whereon the pilgrim readeth,
In golden letters bright:
“Who’s there despised with me,
Here with me crown’d shall be;
Who there with me shall die,
Here’s raised with me on high!”