Up With The Morning O Pilgrim Of Zion

Up with the morning, I pilgrim of Zion!
On with thy sandals, and haste thee away;
Press to the mark of thy calling in Jesus,
Heed not, tho’ pleasure invite thee to stay.

On, press on, tho’ clouds are hanging drearily;
On, press on, with rapture singing cheerily;
Jesus defends thee,
Mercy attends thee;
Sweet thy welcome on the golden shore.

UP! for the Master commands thee to labor,
On! for the moments are flying apace;
Run! and with patience thy journey pursuing,
Thine be the crown at the end of the race. [Refrain]

Trust in the Lord, and remember His goodness,
Trust in the arm that is mighty to save;
Sing and rejoice in thy Strength and Redeemer,
Tell how He triumphed o’er death and the grave. [Refrain]

Haste! for the shadows of night are approaching;
On to the river, thy Saviour is there;
Shout! for the Saviour is graciously waiting,
Over the river thy spirit to bear. [Refrain]