Up With The Mornings Blushing Ray

Up with the morning’s blushing ray,
Come where the Master calls away;
Out in the field, out in the field,
Out in the harvest field.
Up with the fairest, brightest hours,
Up when the song-bird wakes the flowers;
Work with the light, work with the light,
Work with the golden light.

Now is the time our seed to sow,
Now is the time its fruit will grow;
Come with a song, come with a song
Come with a joyful, joyful song

Up with the early morning dew,
Our willing hands must labor too;
Come, come away, quickly away,
Why should we longer stay?
Gleaners for Jesus, glad are we.
Close by the reapers we may be;
Oh, what delight, oh, what delight,
Toiling from morn till night. [Refrain]

Up with the morning, one and all,
Work till the evening shadows fall:
Work with a will, work with a will.
Trusting the Saviour still.
Soon will the morning dawn no more,
Soon will the harvest work be o’er;
Then may we sing, Lord, may we sing
Glory to thee our King. [Refrain]