Upon The Broad Highway Brother

Upon the broad highway, brother,
So long you now have been;
So long have sought but found it not,
true happiness in sin,
You’re tired of the way, brother,
You feel it is not right;
Choose now, I pray, the better way,
Oh, yes, decide to-night.

Oh, decide to-night, brother,
Oh, decide to-night;
To Jesus bow, your conscience now
Is whisp’ring, “This is right;”
Oh, decide to-night, brother,
Oh, decide to-night;
The Spirit may, ere break of day,
Forever take its flight.

Most grateful should you be, brother,
That you are spared so long;
Why should God save you from the grave,
While yielding to the wrong,
When others are cut off, brother,
Who have rejected light?
It is that you again may view
His love, oh, come to-night. [Chorus]

This call may be the last, brother,
Your chance may soon be o’er;
And here be sealed, unless you yield,
Your doom forevermore;
Sufficient is the tho’t, brother,
The strongest to affright;
Risk not to stay another day,
Oh, haste, decide to-night. [Chorus]

Most happy will you be, brother,
If Christ shall be your choice;
Your heart shall be from sin made free,
While heav’n and earth rejoice,
Oh, haste and seek Him now, brother,
Who is the Truth, the Light;
Who is the way to endless day,
Oh, yes, decide to-night. [Chorus]