Upon The Dark And Lonely Mount

Upon the dark and lonely mount,
The Son of God I see;
His tears are flowing as a fount,
He weeps, dear soul, for thee.

Lost soul, he died for thee,
From sin to make you free;
Upon dark Calv’ry’s rugged brow,
Lost soul, he died for thee.

Where darkness hides the sun’s pure light
In awful mystery,
With gloom far thicker than the night,
He bleeds and moans for thee. [Refrain]

And when is drained the found of life
On cross-crowned Calvary,
He dies, a victor in the strife-
He dies, O soul, for thee. [Refrain]

Now from the throne of God above,
High as eternity,
With heart that’s full of tender love,
He intercedes for thee. [Refrain]