Upon The Great Highway Highways Thou Sta

Upon the great highway thou standest weary,
Thou criest evermore “Alone and dreary,
And wilt not understand that there so near thee,
The Savior waits to love, and bless, and cheer thee.

He stands so near, and yet thy blinded vision
Is turned away from hope and light elysian,
Thou wilt not see that ’tis for thee He careth,
For thee, for thee the heavy cross He beareth.

The hopes of earth life often fade and fail thee
Thou hast no refuge when thy foes assail thee,
And when the night shall come, oh, who will guide thee,
If thou dost still refuse thy Friend beside thee? [Chorus]

In Him is strength, in Him divine compassion,
He changes not, tho’ things of earthly fashion,
Grow old and die, ah! turn thee, heart so weary,
And thou shalt nevermore be lone and dreary. [Chorus]