Upon The Kings Highway

Upon the King’s highway
We journey day by day;
We love the path we’ve chosen, and from it would not stray.
‘Neath banner of the Lord,
And moving at His word,
We’re marching on to Canaan, singing by the way.

Singing by the way, singing by the way;
To Him we raise our songs of praise
Who guides us day by day.
Singing by the way, singing by the way;
Our hearts o’erflow, we homeward go,
Singing by the way.

We trust amid our tears,
We smile amid our tears;
“Fear not for I am with you,” we hear the Saviour say;
And so, whate’er may come,
We journey to our home,
And follow where He leads us, singing by the way, [Chorus]

And valiantly we’ll go,
Ne’er halting for the foe;
Our Captain’s word is “onward,” and here we cannot stay;
Our journey’s end we see.
At rest we soon shall be,
For fast we’re homeward wending, singing by the way [Chorus]